Don’t be sad — Just spray some of this on your funky hoo-ha!

My generation knew it as “that not-so-fresh feeling”, but back in 1969, it was apparently called “troublesome vaginal odors”.

Nowadays, who knows… Vaginaroma? Pussy pungence? Smelly cat? Good ol’ cooter stench?

Anyhoo, here’s how you can be an attractive, nice-to-be-with girl, thanks to Pristeen!

1969 Pristeen Feminine Hygiene Deodorant Magazine Ad

But wait! There’s more! There’s also the world’s saddest coupon!

Why are you still so sad!? You’re about to save ten cents!

Ad Copy:

Unfortunately, the trickiest deodorant problem a girl has isn’t under her pretty little arms.

That was solved long ago. The real problem, as you very well know, is how to keep the most girl part of you—the vaginal area—fresh and free of any worry-making odors.

Now, finally, there is a way. It’s called Pristeen.

Pristeen is a brand-new vaginal spray deodorant that’s been especially developed to cope with the problem.

It works externally, because that’s where the trouble starts. Tension or perspiration or your own natural body functions—any of these things can cause it. No matter. Whatever starts those troublesome vaginal odors, Pristeen stops them—effectively. And nicely. And gently.

Pristeen has been developed out of intensive research and tested in leading hospitals under the supervision of gynecologists. While you work your way through busy days, it protects you, calmly and quietly, all day long. Pristeen is sure. Completely sure. And it is safe.

Why take chances? Starting today, why not make Pristeen as much a part of your daily life as your bath or shower. It’s just as essential to your cleanliness. And to your peace of mind about being a girl.

An attractive, nice-to-be-with girl.

Pristeen Feminine Hygiene Deodorant — the gentle spray

Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical Co., 1969

– – – – – – – – – –

Coupon Copy:

The Pick-Up-Pristeen-Today Coupon

Use it and you’ll save 10¢ on your very first purchase of Pristeen. Now, isn’t that a nice little extra incentive?

One thought on “Don’t be sad — Just spray some of this on your funky hoo-ha!

  1. Clayton Hove Post author

    While I was looking around for additional info on this product, I found that MUM, The Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health, had a delightful writeup of this very ad a few years back! “I love it! This is classic American ad copy, pushing the buttons of femininity, genital odor, acceptability, concealment of sexuality, medical authority and probably a dozen others.”

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