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When life hands you lemons…

Found in the April, 1973 issue of Vogue magazine
Found in the April, 1973 issue of Vogue magazine

…make a pantsuit! 

Bone shards:

A mini-history of Dalton.

Here’s more than you probably wanted to know about palazzo pants.

Trevire — Finally, a replacement for that dreadful crimplene

Timothy Dalton was the fifth actor to portray James Bond. Or maybe the sixth. Seventh?

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A decade before Brooke Shields said — “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” — there was this.

1971 ad for Landlupper
From the December 1971 issue of Evergreen Review

According to the Vintage Fashion Guild, Landlubber was “THE cool jeans to wear” in the 1970s.

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Gadzooks! Post-Victorian Fashion!

“Hey! Same outfit!”

A huge Fall and Winter 1902/1903 catalog for Chicago’s Tailor-Made Clothing Co. filled with — so this is where that phrase comes from — fashion plates!

I learned something!

(See tape dispenser for scale. I won this at an auction but still haven’t figured out how to store it because it’s too wide for my plastic bins.)

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