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When life hands you lemons…

Found in the April, 1973 issue of Vogue magazine
Found in the April, 1973 issue of Vogue magazine

…make a pantsuit! 

Bone shards:

A mini-history of Dalton.

Here’s more than you probably wanted to know about palazzo pants.

Trevire — Finally, a replacement for that dreadful crimplene

Timothy Dalton was the fifth actor to portray James Bond. Or maybe the sixth. Seventh?

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Settle the fuck down, Irv.

The origin of 3M’s Post-it Notes is the stuff of legend, and if you went to business school, you probably had to read the case study even though anything like it probably won’t ever happen again.

Now imagine being the ad agency creative team tasked with not only getting the public wanting the product, but also having to explain what it was and how it worked because nothing quite like it had ever existed before. Or don’t imagine it, because here’s one of the early ads.

1981 magazine ad for 3M’s Post-it Notes (Post-Its) with an excellent example of strategic and select use of color.

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