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Pretty Girl Holds Glass Wyomingly

1958 magazine ad for Coca-Cola
1958 magazine ad for Coca-Cola

He’s totally going to accidentally kick that other bottle over… 62 years ago.

Fun facts: Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote. (1869)

A higher-end fringed suede jacket could set you back over $1,600.

Copywriters really liked ellipses back in those days.

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Exposed to Danger

Exposed to Danger
“Exposed to Danger” — (Dell) The “Rifleman” No. 5, Oct. – Dec. 1960

Thanks to an all-too-familiar sensation, Hank realized he sat in fresh cow flop.

1974 Marlboro Magazine Ad

You’d think the smell would’ve given it away, but he’s a smoker so, well, you know.