Pretty Girl Holds Glass Wyomingly

1958 magazine ad for Coca-Cola
1958 magazine ad for Coca-Cola

He’s totally going to accidentally kick that other bottle over… 62 years ago.

Fun facts: Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote. (1869)

A higher-end fringed suede jacket could set you back over $1,600.

Copywriters really liked ellipses back in those days.

The ad copy:

Sign of good taste…everywhere

In Wyoming, too…Good taste adds enjoyment to the pause

Yes…people everywhere have made Coca-Cola the best-loved sparkling drink in all the world. In more than 100 countries…over 58 million times each day…someone enjoys the specially different taste of Coke, the always welcome lift of Coke, the sense of right enjoyment that belongs to Coke alone. Have a Coke…so good in taste, in such good taste—anytime, everywhere.

“Coke” is a registered trade-mark. The Coca-Cola Company.

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