When a problem comes along, you must blanket.

1969-ish ad for the Norton SPACE Blanket
1969-ish ad for the Norton SPACE Blanket

This isn’t the Norton security folks; it’s the Norton blanket folks. Linus would be confused.

Fun fact: Believe it or not, blankets are named after Thomas Blanket.

Or… Maybe Thomas Blanket was named after blankets.

Then again… Sigh. History is hard.

Do not borrow this man’s blanket.

The ad copy:

Your Summer Security Blanket.

The SPACE Sportsman’s Blanket. Keeps you cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold and dry when it rains. Evolved from superinsulation used in the NASA Apollo Program. How secure can you get?

Like the deviled eggs, you can’t picnic without it. Wrap the food in it before you go. Keeps it hot or cold for hours. Then spread it out under the spread. Wipes clean with a damp sponge, too.

Secure it by its grommeted corners to make it a lean-to. Silver side up to keep the heat out. Silver side down to keep it in. Use it as a ground cloth, it’s waterproof. It’s a warm emergency blanket, reflects body head back at you. Light weight (only 12 oz.), compact and easy to carry, too.

On the beach, it’s smooth and cool. Doesn’t catch sand, either. Silver side up, it’s a sun reflector. Tans you all over. Comes in three decorator colors. One’s sure to complement your eyes.

Boatmen use it to wrap the catch, keeps it fresh. They string it up as a sun shade over the cockpit. Use it for a cabin blanket. It’s even an emergency radar reflector.

Keep one in your car’s glove compartment. Use it as a ground pad to change flats, as a safety reflector, and as a flashlight reflector to throw more light on dark places. It’s a good idea for winter emergencies, too.

The 56″ x 84″ SPACE Sportsman’s Blanket is available at leading Sporting Goods and Department Stores for only $7.95. (suggested retail price).

Norton SPACE Sportsman’s Blanket
37 East St., Winchester, Mass. 01890

SPACE is a registered trademark of Norton Company.

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