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Give the devil his Dew.

Magazine ad for Sanderson’s Mountain Dew Scotch circa 1906/1907
Magazine ad for Sanderson’s Mountain Dew Scotch circa 1906/1907

Bone shards:

The version of Mountain Dew that you’re probably more familiar with didn’t come around until 1940. Also, one of its early lines was “It’ll tickle yore innards.”

A version of this is still sold in Cameroon and the Ivory Coast.

A Sanderson’s Mountain Dew promotional knife can be yours for only $139.95.

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It’s the cat’s meow.

Calvert whiskey ad by Tom Lovell
From 1947. Some magazines from my collection are in more of a “rustic” condition than others. 

The artist, Tom Lovell, had quite a career doing pulp magazine covers and paintings of the American West. And Siamese cats in whiskey ads.

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You’re gonna need some booze to get through this.

1973 magazine ad for Imperial Hiram Walker American Whiskey

You’re trying to score with this chick named Zuzu Zither.
She’s learning to play the Appalachian dulcimer.
Thank God for whiskey.

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I think I know why we don’t hear much about sky driving these days.

1973 magazine ad for Canadian Club Blended Canadian Whisky

Did people really call Canadian Club “C. C.” back then? Do they now?

Me: “A CC on the rocks, please.”
Bartender: “What the hell is that?”
Me: “It’s what you drink after sky driving.”
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