I think I know why we don’t hear much about sky driving these days.

1973 magazine ad for Canadian Club Blended Canadian Whisky

Did people really call Canadian Club “C. C.” back then? Do they now?

Me: “A CC on the rocks, please.”
Bartender: “What the hell is that?”
Me: “It’s what you drink after sky driving.”
Bartender: “What the hell is that?”

– – – – – – – – – –

Ad copy:

“When you’re Sky Driving 2,000 feet above Hell’s Gate, it’s no time to get a flat.”

“So long as you don’t get a puncture… sky driving over Fraser Canyon, British Columbia, in a balloon mobile is a great way to travel. No traffic jams. No speed limits. No detours. Only the treacherous mountain current… which we luckily avoided.

“After we landed, disaster struck. Thump… thump… thump! A blowout on a lonely, wilderness road. And ‘Captain’ Jon Simmonds of the good ship ‘Baloon’ was just another earthbound driver… wrestling with a spare tire.

“Later, we celebrated out adventure with Canadian Club at The Railcar in Vancouver.” Wherever you go, C.C. welcomes you. More people appreciate its incomparable taste. A taste that never stops pleasing. It’s the whisky that’s perfect company all evening long. Canadian Club—“The Best In The House” in 87 lands.

Canadian Club
Imported in bottle from Canada.

By appointment
To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Suppliers of “Canadian Club” Whisky
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited
Walkerville, Canada

6 Years Old. Imported in bottle from Canada by Hiram Walker Importers Inc., Detroit, Mich. 86.8 Proof. Blended Canadian Whisky.

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