I feel pretty. Oh so pretty.

1974 magazine ad for Yardley

I wonder what sort of magnificently manly scent this stuff had…
Eau de dumpster full of sweaty jock straps?
Crusty sock and whisky barf?
Burning chest hair?
Lumberjack taint scrapings?

I guess I’ll never know, but she seems into it.

“Not really. I have a cold.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Ad copy:

The Feminization of the American Male.

Many men’s fragrances smell like they’re made for a woman. When a guy like you smells like a bunch of lilacs, or fresh fruit, or vanilla ice cream, you’re in trouble.

Yardley makes scents for a man. After Shave and Cologne. Sophisticated blends of unusual and costly herbs and spices that understate who you are. And what you are. Clean. Fresh. Masculine. Yardley. For Men. A sniff in the right direction.

Original & Black Label
Because a man shouldn’t smell like a woman.

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