You’re gonna need some booze to get through this.

1973 magazine ad for Imperial Hiram Walker American Whiskey

You’re trying to score with this chick named Zuzu Zither.
She’s learning to play the Appalachian dulcimer.
Thank God for whiskey.

Trivia: The Appalachian dulcimer is also known as the hog fiddle. The more you know.

– – – – – – – – – –

Ad copy:

Follow the eagles: golden sign of Imperial goodness

The crest of the golden eagles marks an unusual whiskey. Of the hundreds of whiskeys in the world, none is better made than this. Imperial: light and good-natured — it mixes well. Follow the golden eagles to Imperial pleasure.

1973 Hiram Walker & Sons Inc., Peoria, ILL. • American Whiskey — A Blend — 86 Proof

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