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It’s nice to get out of the office for some location scouting now and then.

The end of Sears nears.

Sears, Gateway Mall, Bismarck, North Dakota

North Dakotans — Sons of the wild jackass.

Another example of why I love going through vintage magazines.

“North, a constant hotbed of agrarian reform, is radical, progressive, upsetting in politics with a habit of electing opinionated men whom sober folk elsewhere often regard as sons of the wild jackass.”

— Jack Schaefer, describing North Dakota in the feature article for Holiday magazine, May 1955.

Behold, the Asshole Lane.

Behold, the Asshole Lane (AKA the Testy Twat Triangle). It is found at the intersection of Main Avenue and 26th Street in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Home of the Asshole Lane

Home of the Asshole Lane

Its origin was probably one of good intentions, or at least an attempt to correct a mistake, but all that has long been forgotten. Continue reading

The Truest North Dakotan of Them All Featured in VW Beetle Print Ad from 1969

After years and years of research, I have finally found the one person who best epitomizes North Dakotans for the outside world.

It’s not Lawrence Welk, Josh Duhamel (Sorry, ladies.), Shadoe Stevens, Leslie Bibb (Call me!) or Angie Dickinson. Rather, it’s Father Aloysius Bittman of Mandaree, North Dakota, who was featured in a 1969 print ad for Volkswagen.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Ad of Yore: Volkswagen print advertisement from a 1969 Look magazine

Ad of Yore: Volkswagen print advertisement from a 1969 Look magazine

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North Dakota

Frozen 2: Electric Boogaloo

“Dammit, Sally! Stop laughing and fetch me some help!”
— some kid on April 13 in North Dakota

Balloon Metaphor

The little yellow balloon was promised blue skies.
Into which it could float, and fly, and rise, rise, rise.
It was lies. All lies.