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“I’m a terrific tornado…” — Mayhem

1904 Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. advertisement
1904 advertisement found in a 1959 collection by Charles Addams (of Addams Family fame)

“Cow.”Dr. Jo Harding (Helen Hunt), Twister (1996)

AccuWeather identifies five types of tornadoes.

Do you know the Fujita Tornado Damage Scale?

From what I can tell from a version of this in the Library of Congress’s collection, this might have been a post-Victorian trade card, an advertising blotter or perhaps the top of a calendar.

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Oh say can you yeeeeeeee-hawwwwww!

The Country Gentleman magazine for July 1926. Cover art by N.C. Wyeth.
The Country Gentleman magazine for July 1926. Cover art by N.C. Wyeth.

In honor of Independence Day, here’s one of my favorite magazine covers in my collection — The July 1926 issue of The Country Gentleman with cover art by American artist (painter/illustrator/muralist) N.C. Wyeth. It was also one of the more elusive magazines for me to track down, but totally worth it.

It’s nice to see Wyeth’s biography is a lot more complete and accessible online than many other illustrators of the era, but sad to find his life ended by a freight train.

Also, it’s no surprise that horses really aren’t very fond of fireworks. Be kind, y’all.

Herbert Johnson’s Evolution of the Horse (1906)

Evolution of the Horse - As he was.
As he is.
And as he may be.

Dick Won All Around When…

Ad for Thin Gillette Blades found in March 1946 issue of Fifteen Western Tales

They’re plenty keen.

Price comparison: In 1946, four thin Gillette blades cost 10¢. In 2019, four Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor Blade refills cost $17.99 on Amazon.

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