Dick Won All Around When…

Ad for Thin Gillette Blades found in March 1946 issue of Fifteen Western Tales

They’re plenty keen.

Price comparison: In 1946, four thin Gillette blades cost 10¢. In 2019, four Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor Blade refills cost $17.99 on Amazon.

Ad Copy:

“Here’s a grand. If the Flash loses, I’ll make it five.”

“O.K. It’s in the bag.”

After guarding his horse all night, Dick O’Neil, Ex-Marine and owner of “Iwo Jima”, long shot, overhears suspicious conversation on morning of big race.

“Better act fast, Mr. Hill. I want “Iwo” to beat your horse, but I hate crooks.”

“I’ll call the racing association.”

“Caught him red-handed, Mr. Hill. The old sponge trick.”

“My own trainer! How could you do such a thing?”

“You’re a real sportsman. Won’t you join my daughter and me in our box?”

“Thanks… I’ll be glad to at posttime.”

“First chance I’ve had to shave – and no razor.”

“Come on, use mine.”

“What a swell blade, Eddie! Never had a faster, slicker shave.”

“Thin Gillettes are tops with me. They’re plenty keen.”

“O-o-o-o! Iwo wins!”

“I sure wish Flash had been as well-trained.”

“I’m going to hire a new trainer, Mr. O’Neil. Any chance you’d care to talk business tonight?”

“Sounds good to me, Mr. Hill.”

“I like his looks.”

“To get smooth, good-looking shaves with speed and comfort, try thin Gillette blades. They’re keen, long-lasting and fit your Gillette razor precisely. Thus they protect your face from the irritating effect of misfit blades. Ask for thin Gillettes.”

Thin Gillette Blades

4 for 10¢

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