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1969 ad for the Sony Digimatic Alarm Clock Radio
1969 ad for the Sony Digimatic Alarm Clock

This ad has a pretty utilitarian headline in the innovation/differentiation/unique-selling-proposition/how-will-it-improve-your-life vein, but once you get into the body copy, it’s a golden-age masterpiece of copywriting.

Fun fact: The snooze alarm was invented in 1956.

While we’re at it, here’s a 2,000-year history of alarm clocks thanks to Atlas Obscura.

Hey babe, are you into horology?

The ad copy:

The first clock radio you don’t have to set the night before.

Remember those mornings when you slept right through? Pleading that the alarm forgot to go off and all the time you forgot to set it?

That doesn’t have to happen anymore. Now there’s a clock radio that remembers to wake you. Permanently.

Sony’s Digimatic clock radio.

Just set it once. And it’s all over and done with. Day after day after day it goes off. And you do too.

It gets you going in the morning with tender music (FM/AM). Or a not-so-tender buzzer.

And if you’re a late night listener, our Deluxe Hardwood model sports a handy speaker that hides right under your pillow. Our standard model comes in Antique White or Midnight Grey.

And as for our clock, well, who needs anything more than the numbers anyway?

So now you can thank our clock radio when you rise and shine on time.

And probably blame it too.

The Digimatic forget-you-not clock radios from Sony.

1969 Sony Corp. of America. Visit our showroom, 585 Fifth Avenue, N.Y.

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