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1969 magazine ad for Lanvin’s My Sin perfume
1969 magazine ad for Lanvin’s My Sin perfume

Bone shards:

“What the hell am I smelling and why is it so wonderful? …Whatever the notes are, they’ve converged to create a sexual flower, one that is at its peak of fragrance, like a meadow in full bloom on the hottest spring day, visited by the horniest, healthiest bees.” — from a My Sin review

Lanvin’s My Sin was formulated by a mysterious Russian perfumer named Madame Zed.

What is dusting powder (one of the variations listed at the bottom of the ad)?

Black cats are awesome. You should adopt one from a shelter.

The ad copy:


My Sin

a most provocative perfume

Extract, Perfume Mist, Eu de Lanvin, Dusting Powder, Talc, Soap, Bath Oil

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