“Aveu!” “Gesundheit.”

1947 magazine ad for Roger & Gallet’s Aveu perfume
1947 magazine ad for Roger & Gallet’s Aveu perfume

Is he about to push her over the railing?

Or maybe he’s a chiropractor about to make an adjustment.

Bone shards:

“Aveu” is French for “confession”, so “Aveu Confession du désir” means “confession confession of desire”.

“It is a feminine floral, created in 1946. Just at the end of the war, women were looking for beauty, flowers, things that would cheer them up after years of hardship, and Aveu was launched for this purpose.”

I have been unsuccessful in tracking down information on the assumed artist, Cydney. If you know anything, please hook me up!

The sophisticated name for a railing is balustrade. The vertical thingies on a balustrade are balusters. Now aren’t you fancy!?

Check out that sweet ampersand.


I was hoping there’d be a fancy name for those fingerless long/arm/sleeve gloves. Alas. “Gants à manches sans doigts” is a bit of a mouthful.

A 50ml flacon of this vintage perfume could set you back over $300.

A flacon is a bottle.

A falcon is a bird.

The ad copy:

Confession du désir

Roger & Gallet Paris


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