Sealed with a kiss and probably a paper cut.

1947 magazine ad for Eaton’s Fine Letter Papers
1947 magazine ad for Eaton’s Fine Letter Papers

When was the last time you write a real letter, you cold and heartless monster?

Bone shards:

This company was founded in 1893 to manufacture social stationery. Social stationery. The first social media?

Feel like writing somebody a real letter? Etsy and eBay have some sellers with vintage Eaton stationery.

I know you can’t wait to read about the history of paper.

You wanna go old-old school? I got ya — the history of papyrus.

Remember Cursive?

The ad copy:

Postman, Postman, Did you bring a letter?
Postman, Postman, Two would suit me better
I can hardly wait to see
What is in your bag for me

You never quite outgrow the thrill of getting a letter! (Two would be much better!) And as time goes by the thrill deepens, for letters mean someone has remembered. But… remembering works both ways. So write those letters you have meant to write …write them before this week’s end …and experience, again, how much joy the Postman’s visit can bring to you. (I can hardly wait to see what is in your bag for me!)

On what will you write? You can do no better than to choose one of Eaton’s Fine Letter Papers from Open Stock. Its quality will say, “I am doing well;” its fashion will speak for your good taste. Yet Eaton’s Open Stock Papers are a wise economy, for you can always replenish your supply of either letter papers or envelopes.

How much sense this makes — to choose a letter paper that suits you perfectly, to be able to get more whenever you want it, to waste nothing! The better stores have a full personality-range of Eaton’s Fine Letter Papers in Open Stock and in matching boxed combination.

Eaton’s Randomweave — fabricked, pen-inviting, deckle edged, with color-lined envelopes. White, Tan, Blue, Grey.

Eaton’s Petersburg 1850 — feminine word-frame of delicate laid texture. In muted pastels with tissue-lined envelopes. White, Blue, Grey.

Eaton’s Highland Sheer — like fine handkerchief linen, subtly tinted; pin-striped envelope linings. White, Blue, Pink

Eaton’s Fine Letter Papers

in Open Stock

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Eaton Paper Corporation

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