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What posts are called on the different social networks:

Facebook — Post

Instagram — Post

Twitter — Tweet

Mastodon — Toot

Bluesky — Skeet

Pinterest — Pin

Snapchat — Snap

Threads — Strand

Tumblr — Clink

LinkedIn — Outie

TikTok — Rangoon

Myspace — Tom

Reddit — Ditz

Sealed with a kiss and probably a paper cut.

1947 magazine ad for Eaton’s Fine Letter Papers
1947 magazine ad for Eaton’s Fine Letter Papers

When was the last time you write a real letter, you cold and heartless monster?

Bone shards:

This company was founded in 1893 to manufacture social stationery. Social stationery. The first social media?

Feel like writing somebody a real letter? Etsy and eBay have some sellers with vintage Eaton stationery.

I know you can’t wait to read about the history of paper.

You wanna go old-old school? I got ya — the history of papyrus.

Remember Cursive?

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