What? No.

Section from a larger print ad for Crisco, circa 1927
Section from a larger print ad for Crisco, circa 1927.

Wife: “Honey? Do we have any blindfolds?”

Hubs: “I don’t think so, except for the special one. Will that work?”

Wife: “Yes. Would you be a dear and fetch it for me?”

Hubs: [from bedroom] “What about the handcuffs?”

Wife: “Maybe later.”

Fun fact: Similar to how Nabisco comes from “National Biscuit Company”, Crisco comes from “crystallized cottonseed oil”. Huh.

The ad copy:

An Astonishing Blindfold Test

See if this doesn’t give you the greatest surprise of your whole cooking experience!

Put a little Crisco on the tip of one spoon. On the tip of another place a little of the fat you are now using; have someone blindfold you, and give you first one, then the other to taste.

Now did you ever imagine there could be such a striking difference in the taste of cooking fats? Think what an improvement Crisco’s own sweetness and freshness will make in your own cakes, pies, biscuits, and fried foods.

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