“Don’t cough, Junior. My cigar’s smoke makes your stupid toy train more authentic.”

1956 ad from the Cigar Institute of America, Inc.
1956 ad from the Cigar Institute of America, Inc.

Trivia: “Close, but no cigar.” Its origin comes from being screwed over by a carnie. As for “Give that man a cigar,” same place but with a happy ending.

The ad copy:

Suggestion to wives: “Dress up” dinner tonight…serve a cigar with his coffee.

Ever notice? A man who enjoys cigars enjoys life

He smiles often. He’s never too busy to be a good father, a considerate husband. When he’s around, somehow everything goes a bit smoother. The secret is, he relaxes and enjoys life—and likes to see others enjoy it too.

He’s the kind of man who belongs with a cigar. It fits naturally into his way of living—because a cigar has more pleasure, more relaxation to give. (And he needn’t inhale to enjoy it!)

How about you? Wouldn’t you enjoy life more, with a cigar? No other pleasure so great costs so little.

Today, every day—relax, enjoy life

Have a cigar!

Cigar Institute of America, Inc.

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