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1974 magazine ad for Midol.
1974 magazine ad for Midol. 

Fun facts: Midol was originally advertised as a headache, neuralgia and toothache remedy, then later as a cure for hiccups. After that, it headed south.

An anti-spasmodic (antispasmodic these days) drug suppress muscle spasms. Hello, IBS!

The ad copy:

Your Guy:
Your No. 1 reason for Midol

Be the you he likes. Good to be around, any day of the month. Midol helps.

Midol is an exclusive formula that helps stop menstrual cramps with an anti-spasmodic… an ingredient you don’t get with ordinary pain relievers. And Midol relieves your low backache and headache, to help soothe accompanying irritability. When you feel good, you’re good to be around. So use Midol. You’ve got a beautiful reason.

The Menstrual Distress Specialist

Now try Midol feminine deodorant spray with reserve protection. The more you need it—the more it works. Gentle…Effective.

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