The Safest Explosive

Magazine ad for Atlas Farm Powder found in a 1916 issue of The Country Gentleman
Magazine ad for Atlas Farm Powder found in a 1916 issue of The Country Gentleman

Farmer go boom.

Bone Shards:

The once-free book will now set you back $50 at Abe Books.

If it’s so safe, why did it say “Dangerous” on the crate?

Did you know that the Nobel prizes were pretty much made possible by dynamite?

The ad copy:

Atlas Explosives

Get Those Boulders Out of Your Way

You might be getting good hard cash every year by growing crops where the boulders lie. Don’t keep on dodging them. Shatter the biggest boulders and get them our of your way forever. You can do the work yourself in a few minutes. You take no risk and need no experience if you follow simple directions and use

Atlas Farm Powder
The Safest Explosive
The Original Farm Powder

Made especially for farm use and sold in your neighborhood. It takes the place of stump pullers, ditch diggers, and other machinery; costs little and may be used without experience.

Use Atlas Farm Powder to restore fertility to your fields; blast the subsoil and release new rich plant food. Use it to blast holes for fruit trees. It replaces expensive labor and does better, quicker work.

“Better Farming” Book FREE

Fill out the coupon and get our valuable illustrated book, “Better Farming.” It is full of helpful information. Tells how to do many kinds of work cheaper and better with Atlas Farm Powder, The Safest Explosive. Ask for it now—FREE.

Atlas Powder Company
General Office: Wilmington, Del.
Sales Offices: Birmingham, Boston, Houghton, Joplin, Kansas City, Knoxville, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis


Atlas Powder Co., Wilmington, Del.
Send me your 74-page book, “Better Farming.” I am interested in the use of explosives for the purpose before which I mark X. C G 10

Stump Blasting
Boulder Blasting
Subsoil Blasting
Tree Planting
Ditch Digging


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