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Magazine/digest ad for Lee Work Clothes found in the June, 1951 issue of Popular Western.
Found in the June, 1951 issue of Popular Western

Fun facts:

Union-Alls appear to be another word for coveralls, or ever better, speed suits.

Scout preferred overalls in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Lee and Wrangler are now owned by Kontoor Brands. Would you wear Kontoor jeans?

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Beat Down the Flames

Adventures of the Lee family.
Mike Lee and his sons, Tom and Danny, save a forest.
Lee ad found in Thor #196 (1972)

I have a theory about this ad. When the rangers arrive, they find the Lee family has perished after their cotton clothing caught fire. Two of the last three panels show the forest in pristine pre-fire condition, which indicates that the Lee family is in the afterlife and blissfuly unaware of their horrific deaths. 

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