If a frock has pockets, are the pockets called frockets?

1948 magazine ad for Country Club
1948 magazine ad for Country Club

Yes, yes they are, because I said so.

I believe this ad also promoted the horror movie, “Attack of the 50 Foot Magic-Plaid-Wearing Woman”.

In 1948, this company made dresses available in sizes 10 to 18. Did you know that dress sizes have changed dramatically over the years?

$6 in 1948 is equal to $65.89 in 2020.

The ad copy:

Country Club’s Magic-Plaid

Unbelievable… the no-nonsense price of this flattering frock! Incredible…the important dressmaker details, style and value. Credit the wonderful fit to the 22 inch back zipper, to special Country Club tailoring! See how quickly you can be attractively dressed for the day’s activities. In a fine cotton that will behave beautifully in soap suds. in rainbow colored plaids. Sizes 10 to 18.

About $6

Made by Country Club—A department of Nip-N-Tuck, famed for tailoring and value

At leading stores throughout the country including:

New York, N.Y…B. Altman & Co.
Boston, Mass…Filene’s
Chicago, Ill…Marshall Field & Co.
Cleveland, Ohio…The Higbee Co.
Detroit, Mich…J.L. Hudson Co.
Washington, D.C., Woodward & Lothrop

For store in your city write: Country Club Frocks, 1350 Broadway, New York

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