Fashionable Despair

1898 ad for Armour's Extract of Beef
I need to start writing date info down when I scan. Judging by the calendar offer at the bottom, I’m placing this at 1898.

Fin de Siècle (translation: end of the century) — Merriam-Webster has one heck of another definition for it:

“of, relating to, or characteristic of the close of the 19th century and especially its literary and artistic climate of sophistication, world-weariness, and fashionable despair”

Fashionable despair.

Fashionable despair and beef tea.

The ad copy:

A Fin de Siècle
All Hallow-e’en Sprite

On “Hallow-e’en” our Mothers tell
How they peeped into the dark old well
Their lover’s face to see,
But now the Maiden up-to-date
Prefers to look upon her fate
In a cup of hot Beef Tea.

Armour’s Extract of Beef

“Has that rich, beefy flavor”

After the Opera, or at any time, a cup of Bouillon or Beef Tea recuperates and refreshes one. Its making a matter of a moment, a pinch of salt, hot water and a quarter teaspoonful of Armour’s Extract of Beef.

A perfect “stock” for Soups, Gravies, etc.
At grocers and druggists.

Armour’s Army and Navy Art Calendar for 1899. The sentimental side of Military and Naval life most beautifully brought out. Originals painted from life this year. A six sheet calendar 10×12 3/4 lithograph printed in twelve colors on fine art plate stock—something new and good. Send six two-cent stamps for cost of mailing and postage.

Armour & Company, Chicago.

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