“This is O.J. Simpson comin’ at you…”

O.J. Simpson's Spot-Bilt Juicemobiles ad from 1976
Found in Marvel’s Captain America and the Falcon #204 (December 1976)

Run away!

Fun fact: O.J. Simpson was once the Vice President of Promotions for Hyde Athletic (Spot-bilt’s parent company).

Another fun fact: Spot-bilt almost landed Michael Jordan back in the day before he went with Nike. Ouch.

The ad copy:

Hang loose! It’s “The Juice!”

Hey kids! This is O.J. Simpson comin’ at you with Juicemobiles Multi-Purpose Shoes by Spot-bilt.

Juicemobiles’ molded cleats dig in when you’re breaking toward the daylight for 6…

…or when you’re stretchin’ a double into a triple…

…or settin’ up a shot on goal, Juicemobiles help you do your best at any sport played on grass.

Spot-bilt Juicemobiles are designed like the shoes I wear… but they’re priced for you!

For a fabulous full-color poster (24”x30”) of “The Juice” send $1.00 to Spot-bilt Poster, 432 M Columbia St., Cambridge, Mass, 02141 (Offer expires Dec. 31, 1976)

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