You might feel a little prick.

1948 magazine ad for Elizabeth Arden
1948 magazine ad for Elizabeth Arden

Sometimes a cactus is just a cactus.

Elizabeth Arden was born Florence Nightingale Graham.

The history of lipstick? Well, if you insist.

Did you know drinking cactus water might not be such a good idea?

A $1.25 lipstick in 1948 would cost $13.72 today.

The ad copy:

Elizabeth Arden

These are the pinks that started it all!

Desert Pink and Red Cactus

Of course, all the prettiest lips are pink this Spring! For Miss Arden made this a pink Spring last Fall with smash-hit Desert Pink for blondes, spectacular Red Cactus for brunettes. These are the perfect pinks for rosy days…the only pinks that never seem to dim under night lights. Pick you pink now in the one and only Aden lipstick that goes on with an unrivalled sheen and stays on longer than you’d ever believe! Only 1.25 and up. Matching nail lacquer, 1.00.

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