This is why we can’t have nice things. Oh, wait…

1948 magazine ad for the Van Raalte Company
1948 magazine ad for the Van Raalte Company

I’m assuming this company wasn’t named after Dutch Reformed clergyman Albertus van Raalte, but maybe?

Nope. It’s was Emanuel van Raalte. Oh well.

I tried, but can’t quite make out the artist’s signature. Probably not Walt Disney.

The ad copy:

Van Raalte

“Because you love nice things”

Gloves • Stockings • Underthings

Nylon jersey underthings with nylon lace. They look lovelier, last longer than any other kind of lingerie — and are so delightful to touch. They wash in a twinkling, dry in a flash, never stretch, never shrink, never sag — and instantly look like new without a stroke of ironing. Sheerio’ gown $15. Slip $11. Sheerio’ pantie $4. At better stores.

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