They’re femineered!

International Harvester Refrigerator magazine ad found in a 1951 issue of Tractor Farming
International Harvester Refrigerator magazine ad found in a 1951 issue of Tractor Farming

That’s right. Femineered.

Bone shards:

Monica and Rachel had an International Harvester refrigerator on Friends, and it appears to have made somebody with same fridge a tad grumpy.

The plant where International Harvester made its refrigerators and air conditioners used to build P-47 Thunderbolts.

Wow! You’re strangely excited about refrigeration! Ok, here’s a history. Now settle down.

The ad copy:

Now… the New 1951 International Harvester Refrigerators

International Harvester

New…and years ahead!

Ahead in Quality

Ahead in Convenience

Ahead in Features

Ahead in Design

Color-Keyed to your kitchen!

Ten beautiful hues from which to choose!

Now you can have color in your refrigerator to match your kitchen! From soft, delicate shades to the brilliantly bold and bright, you can select any of ten exciting colors for your refrigerator door handle. And change the color in the handle any time you change the color scheme in your kitchen! It’s an International Harvester exclusive!

They’re femineered! Model HA-92 Innustrated

Femineering at its Finest — Pantry-Dor shelves give greater convenience, more front-row storage…full width Freezer holds up to 50 lbs…Cold-stream Crisper keeps vegetables, fruit fresher, longer…Stainless Steel Shelves, Built-In Magnetic Bottle Opener, Diffuse-O-Lite, Shadow-Line Styling and other great IH exclusives!

Famous IH Quality—from top to bottom, inside and outside—for excellent service year in, year out!

Seven Models! Seven Sizes! Seven Prices! — to suit every family, every home, every budget. See all seven new beauties at your IH Refrigerator dealer’s today!

International Harvester Company

180 North Michigan Avenue

Chicago 1, Illinois

Handy Butter Keeper built right into door, holds full pound of butter! Keeps it at creaming consistency. (Model HA-92)

Built-In Bottle Opener can’t be mislaid; it’s permanently built into cabinet frame. Right where it’s most useful!

International Harvester also builds McCormick Farm Equipment and Farmall Tractors… Motor Trucks… Industrial Power… Home Freezers

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