The Snow Job

Ad for Thin Gillettes (I forgot to mark the date.)
Ad for Thin Gillettes (I forgot to mark the date.)

The railroad version of a rotary plow is pretty badass. Imagine shaving with that puppy.
See one in action on Donner Pass.
Yep, that Donner.

The ad copy:

Art’s Quick Thinking Saved the Day When…

After a night-long fight against heavy drifts to clear Skytop Highway, Art and Bill are heading their powerful rotary snowplow homeward when..

“Help us block the road! Bank bandits are heading this way!”

“That girl’s the bank teller! Hold your fire, men!”

“Move that plow out of our way or the girl gets it!”

“Now, Bill!”

“Rush ’em!”

“Pour it on, Bill!”

“Glad you escaped our blizzard, miss”

(She’s beautiful)

“The boss is on the radio, Art. He wants us to come in pronto.”

Later, at Highway Headquarters

“You men are heroes in Alban. The mayor insists I bring you over right away”

“We’ll clean up and be right with you”

“A razor? Try mine”

“What a swell, slick shave. This blade’s a honey!”

“Yes, thin Gillettes are mighty keen and easy shaving”

“A thousand dollars’ reward! Why, sir…”

“The least our bank can do, my niece here says you saved her life”

(Isn’t he handsome!)

A thin Gillette shave always makes a hit

“Men, for smooth, refreshing shaves that make you look your best, use thin Gillettes… The keenest, longest-lasting blades in the low-price field. What’s more, thin Gillettes are precision made for your Gillette razor… Fit exactly. Thus you avoid the irritation and scrape of misfit blades. Ask for thin Gillettes”

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