Polly want a Packard?

Packard magazine ad found in the July 2, 1927 issue of The Literary Digest
Packard magazine ad found in the July 2, 1927 issue of The Literary Digest

According to this ad, Packard had a Board of Color who would decide on the car color schemes. Just imagine the fights.

Some quasi-random knowledge:

Having your car the same colors as a harlequin macaw would certainly get noticed.

Macaws can live for 50-100 years.

In 1930 (three years after this ad), the average life of a new car was 6.75 years.

The average lifespan of a modern car is not quite 12 years.

The ad copy:

The Restful Car
Ask the man who owns one.

“The supreme combination of all that is fine in motor cars”


Nature abounds in beautiful and harmonious color combinations. The birds, the flowers, the sunset skies, set perfect examples—and point the way to brilliant color schemes all in perfect taste.

Yet what artistry is required in the selection of shades and tones to satisfy the modern vogue for color in motor cars! Packard has a special Board of Color made up of men of long experience and artistic judgment. These men create the standard color combinations which charm the eye in such wide variety on today’s Packard Six. And they advise on the special requirements of those who buy the Packard Eight.

Whether Six or Eight is your choice you may be sure of the charm and good taste of the Packard’s color scheme as you are of its lasting beauty. For Packard lavishes as much care and effort on the unusual processes which preserve the car’s color and finish as upon the selection of the shades which will appeal to Packard’s discriminating clientele.

Nothing finer is offered anywhere in the world than the enduring brilliance of Packard cars—long in life and long in beauty of lines and finish.

Ask the man who owns one

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