Insidious Diseases and Hidden Decay

Would you trust your tree with this man?

“I will go out on a limb for your tree.” — John Davey, probably
Ad for Davey Tree Surgeons found in the April 1917 issue of Countryside / Suburban Life magazine.
Ad for Davey Tree Surgeons found in the April 1917 issue of Countryside / Suburban Life magazine.

Bone shards:

I didn’t realize that tree surgeons were a thing until I read a bit about the profession in a Straight Dope column about Groucho Marx by Cecil Adams. Yes, you should read the entire column.

Way back in the day, Groucho Marx hosted a radio/TV quiz show called “You Bet Your Life. During one show when he was interviewing a tree surgeon, he asked, “Have you ever fallen out of any of your patients?”

Read one heck of an obituary for Groucho here.

And now you know about tree surgeons too.

The ad copy:

To whom shall you entrust your priceless trees?

A scientist’s answer

A letter from Dr. H. D. House, New York State Botanist and formerly professor in the Biltmore Foresty School

Mr. M. L. Davey, General Manager, Davey Tree Expert Company, Kent, O.

Dear Mr. Davey:

I believe that I owe you many thanks for the opportunity which I have had just recently of seeing the Davey organization in convention at Kent.

I was deeply impressed by the mutual determination of your men to accomplish perfect work and to place quality above all other considerations. This and the trained ability and coöperation of your men are doing much to restore that confidence in the profession of tree surgery which has been great injured by poorly trained and unscrupulous workers.

After an inspection of work accomplished by your men and a study of their methods, I am convinced that their work measures up to the highest degree of efficiency which training and experience can produce. I believe that owners of trees may expect service of the most reliable character from your men.

Very truly yours,
H. D. House,
State Botanist.

Write for Free Examination of Your Trees

—and booklet, “When Your Trees Need the Tree Surgeon.” What is the real condition of your trees? Are insidious diseases and hidden decay slowly undermining their strength? Will the next severe storm claim one or more as its victims? Only the experienced Tree Surgeon can tell you fully and definitely. Without cost or obligation to you, a Davey Tree Surgeon will visit your place and render an honest verdict regarding their condition and needs. Write today.

The Davey Tree Expert Co., Inc.
204 Elm Street, Kent, Ohio
(Operating the Davey Institute of Tree Surgery)

Brand Offices, with Telephone Connections:
225 Fifth Avenue, New York
2017 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia
450 McCormack Bldg., Chicago

Permanent representatives located at Boston, Newport, Lenox, Hartford, Albany, Poughkeepsie, White Plains, Stamford, Jamaica, L. I., Morristown, N.J., Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Washington, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City. Canadian address: 81 St. Peter Street, Quebec.

John Davey
Father of Tree Surgery

Davey Tree Surgeons

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