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North Dakota

Assed from the Past

An unused illustration by Bob S. from my earlier days of North Dakota advertising.
Framed and hanging on my wall.

Are they made from real orangutans?

“This ape is great!”

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but its spine is a friggin’ tattletale.

What a fine collection of weighty tomes from the Barnes & Noble bargain section…

…Dammit, Barnes & Noble!

So close.

“Reports of my erectile dysfunction have been greatly exaggerated.” — Sir James Dyson

1,000 Words

(sniff) They grow up so fast.

One of the more unfortunate examples of North Dakota statuary.

Location: Bismarck’s Paradiso.

Today’s adventure in trade publication advertising copy.

It was interesting reading about Okinawa’s “EXTENSIVE MICE EXPERIENCE”, “COMPREHENSIVE MICE FACILITIES”, “TOURISM AND MICE OPTIONS” and “POST-MICE EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES” before knowing that MICE was a business acronym.

The SMEAT smell of success.

The holy grail of fictitious Hollywood food products is now in my possession.


Life is good. And rather high in sodium.

SMEAT still needs a good tagline, though. One that can crush “Break The Monotony” for Hormel’s SPAM.

Have a SMEAT.

Tastes like feet. SMEAT.

You can’t beat the SMEAT!

It’s so SMEATy!

Just SMEAT it.

SMEAT yourself right.

It’s not meat; it’s SMEAT!

Enjoy the SMEAT life.

Heat. Eat. SMEAT.


Got a better one? Send it in a comment below.

Twinkie Panic hits Bismarck, North Dakota!

Inside the Sweetheart/Hostess Bakery thrift store in Bismarck, North Dakota on Friday, November 16, 2012. Normally, this aisle would be piled high with boxes of Hostess Twinkies, Zingers, Cupakes, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs.

Everybody panic!