When her pants are white, she’s in a plight.

Magazine ad for Pursettes tampons found in the December 1975 issue of Co-Ed.
Magazine ad for Pursettes tampons found in the December 1975 issue of Co-Ed.

[Pursesnatcher going through stolen bag…] “Hey! Cigars!”

It looks like the uncredited artist was Mort Drucker of MAD Magazine fame. Rest in peace, Mort. Also, rest in peace, MAD Magazine.

Pursette’s company, Campana, had one heck of a factory building in Batavia.

“How do you sell what you can’t talk about?”

The ad copy:

I spent a bundle on a backpack, then thought I couldn’t go.


Wow, Kathy, when did you get this super new backpack?

Yesterday. And today I got my period. Anne, how am I ever going to carry enough protection in that little space?

Here. Take these along — Pursettes, the tote tampons. They have this neat compact.

But I can’t use tampon. I’ve tried them before.

Look. A Pursettes tampon is no larger than a lipstick because it has a pre-lubricated tip instead of a bulky applicator. Makes it easy to use, easy to carry.

And, listen, Pursettes give you super protection. I know. They’re made to fit without being felt, too.


Hey, let’s break for lunch. I’m starved.

Thank goodness for Pursettes tampons. I sure would have been left behind without them for protection.

I wouldn’t have missed this for anything, Fred.

Count on Pursettes for the outdoor life.

To prove how easy to use and convenient to carry Pursettes are, send for a free compact, filled with four regulars or three super-absorbent Pursettes Plus tampons (indicate choice). Mail 25¢ for postage-handling to Campana, Dept. C-125, Batavia, Ill. 60510. See why outdoor girls love the tote tampon. Offer good in U.S.A. only. Expires in 90 days.

Pursettes Tampons

For super absorbency try Pursettes Plus

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