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You can’t go wrong with veggie shapes and a creepy baby.

1948 magazine ad for Heide Jujyfruits
1948 magazine ad for Heide Jujyfruits

The Jujyfruits shapes are asparagus, tomato, grape, banana, pineapple, raspberry and pea pod.

You absolutely must be curious about the etymology of jujube.

Heide Candy Company was founded in 1869.
Heide was sold to Hershey Foods Corporation in 1995.
Hershey sold Heide to Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company in 2002.
Farley’s & Sathers merged with Ferrara Pan Can Candy Company in 2012, becoming the Ferrara Candy Company.

What’s a pastille? It’s for when you don’t want to say “lozenge”.

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