Serve them often.

1925 Campbell’s Pork and Beans with Tomato Sauce ad
found in the February 28, 1925 issue of Literary Digest

Joseph A. Campbell III: “We need the perfect word that’ll really get these beans flying off the shelves!”

Tommy Thompson: “How about… ‘digestible’?”

Campbell: “Thompson, my boy, I see a VP title in your future!”

The ad copy:

Economy of Beans
That’s the big thing about Beans! They are the most economical main dish of quality food that you can buy! Get some today. Serve them often.

(two cans of Campbell’s Pork and Beans with Tomato Sauce)

They taste good!
Meaty, nourishing beans and a tomato sauce that’s famous

12 cents a can
Except in Rocky Mountain States and in Canada

Campbell’s Beans

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