Just because you look like a serial killer doesn’t mean you can’t look snazzy too!

andrew pallack X line ad
from an August, 1964 issue of Gent magazine

Fun Fact: This ad came out a month before the first episode of The Addams Family on TV. 

Another Fun Fact: Gent magazine was once subtitled “Home of the D-Cups.”

The ad copy:

you are looking at the dynamic new fashion inspiration from the collection of andrew pallack.

we call it the X line.

it’s available now at the most fashion-wise men’s stores in the country.

the more ordinary stores may be fortune enough to have it by 1965!

If you’re the kind of man that takes fashion seriously, and looks for the clothes that depart from the run-of-the-mill… you should insist on Andrew Pallack fashions. Here is the subtle turn of design that side-steps the usual but never leaves the boundaries of elegant good taste. Andrew Pallack suits from $100.

See these suits at the smartest men’s shops in your city or write…

andrew pallack
120 Fifth Avenue • New York 11, N. Y. • CHelsea 3-3420

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