When a girl you’ve never met before suddenly gives you a sandwich, that’s Impuls… err… Wonder Bread.

1969 ad for Wonder Bread
1969 ad for Wonder Bread

A little Cheez Whiz in that sammich, and she’d be marryin’ material.

Fun facts: Wonder Bread’s name was inspired by hot air balloons.

No money was exchanged for Wonder Bread’s prominent brand use in Sony Picture’s Talladega Nights.

Horseradish is neither a radish nor a horse.

The ad copy:


The Wonder Winner

Build a better boy trap: cover one slice of Wonder with generous slices of roast beef topped with crisp lettuce. Then spread the other slice with a devilish sauce made of a heaping tablespoon of chili sauce (or ketchup) and a teaspoon of horseradish. What a sandwich! What a bread! No wonder we call it Wonder.

Wonder Enriched Bread
helps build strong bodies 12 ways

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