Washed-out bridge ahead? No problem!

1920 magazine for the Willys-Overland Overland 4

1920 magazine ad for the Willys-Overland Overland 4

From 1912-18, Willys was the 2nd-biggest American automobile maker.
Ford was 1st, the bastards.

Willys-Overland is the company that eventually brought us the Jeep.

Let’s take the 1920 Overland 4 for a spin.

The ad copy:

Overland 4 Trade Mark Reg.

In Wonderful New Overland 4, Triplex Springs Make Rough Roads Ride Like Paved Roads

Three-point suspension Triplex Springs make Overland 4 a new and entirely different type of car — one that glides over road bumps with extraordinary ease and turns jolt and shock into smooth riding comfort.

This car’s freedom from the usual sway and rebound means less fatigue — greater pleasure from your long rides with your enjoyment of roadside scenery unmarred by watching every rut.

Overland 4 has marked economy advantages as well. Its lightness makes it remarkably economical of fuel and tires. Protected by its wonderful new Triplex Springs from the wear of road blows, it has longer life and costs less for upkeep.

The equipment is complete, including Auto-Lite starting and lighting. The handsome finish is hard-baked and the upholstery is soft and deep. Overland 4 is as convenient and attractive as it is serviceable. 

Willys-Overland, Inc., Toledo, Ohio
Sedans, Coupes, Touring Cars and Roadsters
Willys-Overland, Limited, Toronto, Canada

One thought on “Washed-out bridge ahead? No problem!

  1. Hans Rupert

    Oh, my how technology and expectations have changed in a 100 years. I’m sure anyone that could have afforded that Willys Overland was thrilled to no be walking!

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