Magazine ad for Burroughs Microfilming
Who has two thumbs and forgot to write down the year and magazine this was in?

Fun facts:

As everybody knows, John Benjamin Dancer was the Father of Microphotography.

This technology also came in handy with wartime carrier pigeons.

Kodak promised that its version of microfilm will last for 500 years without decay.

And since all of you have always wondered what the difference was between microfiche and microfilm, here’s the answer!

Note: That is a sexy, sexy lowercase “g” with the detached ear.
Burroughs Microfilming magazine print ad
Vintage logos!
Burroughs Microfilming magazine print ad
More vintage logos!

The ad copy:

Saving time and space for these “first families” of American business!

Burroughs Microfilming

There is a steadily growing roster of progressive American businesses that are turning to Burroughs Microfilming for the quick, accurate and economical recording of vital documents. This modern system of photographing business records results in important savings in clerical time, tremendous savings of filing and storage space, and increased efficiency—on a wide variety of applications. For full details on the modern Bell & Howell equipment, which is sold by Burroughs, call your local Burroughs office. Burroughs Corporation, Detroit 32, Michigan.

Wherever there’s business there’s Burroughs

Two Important Names in Microfilming
Bell & Howell Manufacturer
Burroughs Distributor

Logos shown:
The Lionel Corporation – New York, N.Y.
Gold Bond
Ronson – World’s Greatest Lighter
USS United States Steel
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Sharp & Dohme – Division of Merck & Co., Inc.
Mutual Benefit Life
A-B Quality (Note: At first, I thought this was Anheuser-Busch, but it turns out to be Allen-Bradley)
Del Monte Foods
Pan American

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