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1944 magazine ad for Seagram’s V.O. Canadian Whisky
1944 magazine ad for Seagram’s V.O. Canadian Whisky


A Britannica history of the videophone.

AT&T gave it a go in 1992 with the VideoPhone 2500 — Just $1,499 or $30/day!

The ad copy:

Men Who Plan beyond Tomorrow Prefer the World’s Lightest Highball!

Perfected Television and radio telephone combined! You can sit in your Chicago office…talk by radio phone to your representative in London…and see him during the conversation. Or you can flash on your screen the face of a friend in China. That’s only one of the many wonders being developed now by Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow.

Seagram thought of Tomorrow the year the 9-Power Treaty Conference adjourned…the year the Coronation in London thrilled the world…’way back when Seabiscuit tied with War Admiral as “the horse of the year.” That’s when the distinguished whiskies in Seagram’s V.O. Canadian were expertly blended for exquisite flavor and stored away to mellow. Seagram’s always thinks of Tomorrow—so the V.O. you enjoy today will always be so gloriously smooth—preferred for the world’s lightest highball.

Seagram’s V.O. Canadian
Canadian Whisky • A Blend of Rare Selected Whiskies
Six Years Old — 86.8 Proof. Seagram-Distillers Corporation, New York

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