I’m sorry, but you just don’t meet the 1913 definition of a best friend.

1913 magazine ad for Victor-Victrola
1913 magazine ad for Victor-Victrola

Also, you’re much too tall. Apparently.

That dog in the lower left? His name is Nipper, now better AKA the RCA dog.

What’s that? You want more information on Victor-Victrola phonographs? Be careful what you wish for.

The ad copy:

Victor Exclusive Talent

The best friends you can have—who cheer you with their music and song, who unfold to you all the beauties of the compositions of the great masters, who through their superb art touch your very heart strings and become to you a wellspring of inspiration.

Painting adapted from the Chicago Tribune cartoon of John T. McCutcheon

Copyright 1913 by Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N. J.

Victor “His Master’s Voice” 


Strangely, no website was listed in this ad.

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