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A nice little surprise from the agitator of men

A bit of correspondence from Enzo Ferrari
A bit of correspondence from Enzo Ferrari

A month or so back, I bought several old issues of La Domenica del Corriere, a weekly with cool front and back cover illustrations, on eBay from a guy in Italy who seemed to specialize in racing/auto stuff. Well, they finally arrived rolled up in a poster tube, and when I took them out, I found this nice little surprise sticking out between some of the pages — a card of typed correspondence from Enzo Ferrari signed in his signature* purple ink. Groovy.

*I just saw what I did there.

The life of Enzo Ferrari in the UK’s GQ

A nice bit on Enzo Ferrari’s choice of purple ink.

Just when you thought it was just a turkey in the straw…

One Girl

One girl possesses the mysterious power to control the wheat strawworm, just as the legends foretold.

But what if she doesn’t stop there?

Coming soon to a theater near you from the U.S. Department of Agriculture… Farmers’ Bulletin No. 1323 – The Wheat Strawworm and Its Control

Sometimes the stalks get stalked.

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