Rocky and Bullwinkle for Cheerios comic book ad
Found in Action Comics #315 (August, 1964).

Fun fact: The final original episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle’s show aired on June 27, 1964, two months before the comic book this ad was found in hit the stands.

Another fun fact: Cheerios was originally named CheeriOats. That didn’t last long.

The ad copy:

Rocky and Bullwinkle

(box of General Mills Cheerios)

Bullwinkle: “Yum! Yum!”

Rocky: “Are Cheerios your favorite cereal, Bullwinkle?

Bullwinkle: “Yep, Cheerios n’ milk give us people muscle-makin’ protein… …and go go-go!”

Rocky: “You mean everyone should go with the goodness of Cheerios?”

Bullwinkle: “Certainly!”


Bullwinkle: But they should watch where they’re going!

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