You say “yip like a terrier” like it’s a bad thing.

Yip. Doggie trivia: Terriers are described as small, wiry, game, fearless, and created to hunt vermin.
Good ol’ Rugged Rock Hudson — Found on the back cover of an April, 1956 Coronet magazine.

The ad copy:

It’s a psychological fact: Pleasure helps your disposition!

How’s your disposition today?

Ever yip like a terrier when things go wrong? That’s only natural. But — it’s a psychological fact that pleasure helps your disposition! So, if you smoke, remember: the most pleasure-giving cigarette is Camel!

R. J. Reynolds Tob. Co., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

For more pure pleasure_ have a Camel

“I’ve tried ‘em all_ but it’s Camels for me!”

Rock Hudson

You can see rugged Rock Hudson starring in U-I’s “Never Say Goodbye”

No other cigarette is so rich-tasting, yet so mild!

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