You don’t know Fosdick.

Fearless Fosdick was a comic strip parody of Dick Tracy that existed inside another comic strip, Al Capp’s Li’l Abner. He became so popular that he got his own TV puppet show, inspired the creation of MAD Magazine (allegedly) and became the spokesman, in his own way, for Wildroot Cream-Oil hair tonic. 

Also, he was stupid, broke, had terrible aim and was frequently shot. Not quite a Dapper Dan, but he did the job.

Fearless Fosdick for Wildroot Cream-Oil Hair Tonic
Found in DC’s Strange Adventures #66 (1956)

The ad/comic strip copy:

Fearless Fosdick by Al Capp
Arthur: If youse can lick our – chuckle – new member, th’ whole gang will surrender, Fosdick!!
Fosdick: Ouch!! – My shrewd legal sense tells me this fight is – gulp – not entirely fair!! – but.. Neat hair, (with WIldroot Cream-Oil) gives me confidence!!
[Wildroot Cream-Oil package]
Fosdick: Contains nature’s lanolin!! – Relieves dryness!! – Removes loose – ugh!! – dandruff!! – Get Wildroot Cream-Oil Charlie!!
Arthur: But, dat would be illegal – My name is arthur!!
Only Cream-Oil Grooms and Conditions Hair the Natural Way

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