“No longer are pitiful little misshapen, ricket-twisted bodies excusable.”

Rawleigh's Cod Liver Oil
Found in Rawleigh’s 1932 Good Health Guide, Cook Book and Year Book.

The ad copy:

How Science Helps the Baby

Modern science has made tremendous strides in helping babies get through those dangerous first few years which a generation ago were fatal to so many babies. But much still depends on the care and attention mothers give their children

One of the recognized essentials for all babies from the time they are a few weeks old until the growing period is past is a pure cod liver oil. No longer are pitiful little misshapen, ricket-twisted bodies excusable. Pure cod liver oil will provide the vitamins needed to convert food into sound, strong, healthy bones and promote sturdy growth.

Wise mothers rely on the Rawleigh brand Cod Liver Oil, whose Vitamin A and D potency is guarantees and protected.

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