Do you even backgammon, brio… err… I mean, bro?

1974 magazine ad for Roman Brio

Think about it — This ad’s style is ripe for parody.

I’m a narcissist…
so make it all about me.
Everybody’s doing smack…
And I’m willing to shoot some up,
but cocaine’s my bag.
I don’t eat bananas because potassium is cool.
I buy them because they look like bright yellow penises.

Trivia: “Brio” appears to be Italian for “vivacity”, which isn’t exactly the manliest of words.

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Ad copy:

I’m a thinking guy…
so I’m hard to sell.
I don’t buy records because some group’s “in”.
I’ll listen to them,
and if I think they’re O.K., I’ll buy them.
Everyone’s talking about backgammon…
and I’m willing to try it.
But I’m really a poker player at heart.
After shaves? Sure I’ve thought about them.
That’s why I use Roman Brio.
I like what Brio lets me say about myself.
It doesn’t come on strong or showy…
and neither do I.
Instead it’s sort of quiet, maybe even classy.
And anyway, I agree with my girl,
it smells great.

Roman Brio
Think about it

After Shave • Cologne • Gift Sets

1974 Pfizer

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