“The treacherous are ever distrustful. Send in that dollar, Margie!” — Gandalf

Margie gets FREE GIFTS for the whole family
Gandalf Products (The Consumer Gazette) ad found in a comic book from 1975 or so.
I… I remember Margie being drawn a little bit better back when I was a kid.
Her friend is pretty hot tho.

The ad copy:

Margie gets FREE GIFTS for the whole family

Here’s how it happened.

One day when Margie was reading her favorite magazine…

“Wow! Here’s an ad for 100 gifts I can get free.”

“Forget it, Margie, it’s a rip-off. Nobody gives anything for free.”

“I think I’ll write away for this publication which lists all these great freebies. It only costs $1.00 and it says I can get over $30.00 worth of free gifts. Besides, satisfaction is fully guaranteed.”

Several days later…

“Look at all the fantastic things we all can send away for.”

“I still think it’s a rip-off.

Margie and her mother send away for cosmetics, jewelry, food samples, recipe booklets, shampoo, nail polish, and perfume — while Dad orders some great sports and hobby material — and they’re all free.

Shortly after…

“Margie, what’s happening? You’re suddenly getting more mail than any one else in the neighborhood.”

“Gee Margie, I guess I’ve really been wrong. Look at all the great things you’ve gotten free!”

“It’s not too late, Billy. You can send for your own copy of The Consumer Gazette today, and get all the free things you want too!”

“That’s right you can get all the things I got, plus more, for free. There’s free patches, free decals, free fashion and make up guides, free lip gloss and eye shadow, free film, and more. All from leading companies just to introduce you to their products. It’s a great deal — so don’t miss out!”

Gandalf Products Co., P.O. Box 38, New York, N.Y. 10022 Dept GK-39
Please send me a copy of your list of over 100 free gifts and samples. I have enclosed $1.00 for each list ordered.
Send me ______ list(s). Enclosed is $______
Add 25¢ for Postage and Handling
SAVE: Order 2 or more copies and we’ll pay the postage and handling.

EXTRA COPIES Give a friend her own copy of our free gift and sample list… it’s like giving her 100 gifts. She’ll really thank you.

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