The technology of yesterday, today.

found in a Spiegel Holiday 1988 catalog
found in a Spiegel Holiday 1988 catalog

The Fantastic and Troubled History of the Video Phone

Reach out and see somebody.

Telephony with Pictures

See what you’ve been missing.

The catalog copy:

Save $100 Mitsubishi VisiTel

C. Enjoy the technology of tomorrow, today — with the Mitsubishi VisiTel visual phone. Not only is it practival, it’s affordable. A built-in video camera works with a 4 1/2-inch (diagonal) monitor screen to send and receive black and white video freeze-frame images. Camera has a fixed focus at 2 ft., and a range of 10” to 30”. It installs into existing modular phone lines (phone is operable even when VisiTel is shut off). All you do is stand in front of the camera lens, check image focus and brightness, then push the SEND button. Transmission takes only 5 seconds; pictures can be exchanged as often as you like. VisiTel automatically stores the last 3 images sent for ready recall. By repeatedly pressing the VIEW/POSE button, you can scroll through the memory and review stored pictures. Images stored during one conversation can be shown during another (images are stored as long as power is on). To safeguard your privacy, keep the camera door closed or do not press the SEND button. Includes 2 monitors and 2 GE slimline phones with 12-number memory (3 one-touch, 9 additional), lighted keypad, last-number redial and mute. Fully modular. Pulse/tone switchable. 6 3/4”W x 7”D x 6 3/4”H each monitor. Warranted.*

N53 153 5255 — (20 lbs.)…….. Reg. $999 899.00

*For free copy of warranty prior to purchase, see page 228

Compatible with all phone systems.


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